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Amikacin 50 mg Injection Manufacturer in India

Amikacin 50 mg injection is a powerful antibiotic widely utilized in medical settings to combat a range of bacterial infections. As part of the aminoglycoside antibiotic family, Amikacin operates by disrupting bacterial protein synthesis, leading to the elimination of harmful bacteria. We are the best Amikacin 50 mg injection manufacturer in India, here we will provide you with all the information regarding the drug.

Amikacin is a semi-synthetic derivative of kanamycin, designed to target and eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria, particularly Gram-negative organisms. The 50 mg dosage is often used for pediatric patients or precise dosing in specific medical scenarios, ensuring optimal efficacy while minimizing the risk of toxicity.

Amikacin 50 Mg Injection Packaging Details

Packaging Size 10*1*10
Packaging Type Box
Brand Amikacin 50 Mg Injection
Injection Site Intravenous Only
Drug Strength 50 Mg
Form Injection
Manufacturer Name Torso Healthcare
Country of Origin Baddi, Solan, Himachal, India

Amikacin Sulphate 50 Mg Injection Price in India

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