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Meropenem 125mg Injection Manufacturers in India

Meropenem 125mg Injection, a crucial product from Torso Healthcare, an India-based meropenem injection maker, is a potent antibiotic for treating severe bacterial infections. Meropenem is a broad-spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic that targets a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, making it essential in treating complicated skin and abdominal infections and bacterial meningitis.

Our injection is meticulously manufactured to ensure high efficacy and safety, adhering to stringent quality standards. Torso Healthcare’s commitment to excellence and innovation in pharmaceuticals positions us as a leading manufacturer in the industry, delivering reliable and effective healthcare solutions globally.

For healthcare professionals seeking a trusted partner in combating bacterial infections, our Meropenem 125mg Injection stands out as a reliable choice, combining advanced pharmaceutical research with superior manufacturing practices. Choose Torso Healthcare for top-quality meropenem 125mg injection manufacturers in india that prioritize patient health and safety.

meropenem 125mg injection manufacturers in india

Packaging Size 10*1*10
Packaging Type Box
Brand Meropenem Injection 125 Mg
Injection Site  Intravenous
Drug Strength 125 MG
Form Injection
Manufacturer Name Torso Healthcare
Country of Origin Baddi, Solan, Himachal, India

Meropenem 125mg Injection Price in India

We are also known for our third-party manufacture of meropenem injections of 125 mg, and we supply it all over India. For more details and prices, check out the details below.

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