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Meropenem 200mg Injection Manufacturers in India

Meropenem 200mg Injection, manufactured by Torso Healthcare, is a potent antibiotic to treat severe bacterial infections. As one of India’s leading meropenem injection exporters, Torso Healthcare ensures this critical medication’s highest quality and efficacy.

Meropenem belongs to the carbapenem class of antibiotics and is highly effective against many bacteria, making it indispensable in hospitals and healthcare settings. It works by inhibiting bacterial cell wall synthesis, leading to the elimination of the infection.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities adhere to stringent quality control measures, guaranteeing that every dose meets international standards. Torso Healthcare offers a reliable and effective solution to combat bacterial infections. That is why we are one of the best meropenem 200mg injection manufacturers in India.

meropenem 200mg injection manufacturers in india

Packaging Size 10*1*10
Packaging Type Box
Brand Meropenem 200MG Injection
Injection Site Intravenous
Drug Strength 200MG
Form Injection
Manufacturer Name Torso Healthcare
Country of Origin Baddi, Solan, Himachal, India

Meropenem 200mg Injection Price in India

We are also known for our Meropenem 200mg Injection manufacturing, and we supply it all over India. For more details and prices, check out the details below.

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