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Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers

Torso Healthcare is one of the leading third party cosmetic manufacturers in india. We’ve refined the entire manufacturing process related to personal care products into a fine art by treating every one of our customers’ brands as our own. We ensure stringent quality checks at all formulation stages to packaging and testing, we manufacture cream, shampoo, face wash, moisturizer, body wash, lotions, and many other types of cosmetic products.

Third Party Cosmetics Manufacturing Services

If you have a unique product idea and want to offer or market products under your brand name. Partner with Torso Healthcare to launch your Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers in India. Partner with one of the best Cosmetic manufacturing companies to create a win-win relationship. With nearly three years of experience, Torso Healthcare is the ideal partner which every brand need offering you Third Party Cosmetic Contract manufacturers and Private Label Cosmetics. When you partner with us, we provide total Concept Product solutions with a blend of advanced Beauty Product Manufacturer techniques and innovation to meet all your business needs.

Torso Healthcare Cosmetic Products Offered

Torso Healthcare is regarded as a trusted beauty cosmetics manufacturer offering a range of products, including private-label cosmetics and third-party cosmetics manufacturers. We are involved in the manufacturing business, are experts in this field, and carry out daily research on how the product will react in the market after the launch. If you are looking for a reliable partner, we will be your perfect partner for your business growth.

Cosmetic Manufacturing Process

The cosmetic manufacturers process is highly challenging, and higher raw materials costs and countless regulations add complexity. Being a reliable contract cosmetic products manufacturer in India Torso Healthcare has expertise in production automation and intelligent, reliable instrumentation that brings a competitive edge. We have a complete portfolio of instrumentation for all cosmetics manufacturing processes that can help you meet consumer expectations and safety standards while mitigating risk and hitting efficiency and sustainability goals.

Partnerships With Torso Healthcare Cosmetic manufacturing company

We have five manufacturing units as Cosmetic Manufacturers in India and are well-equipped infrastructure with fully set-up laboratories and professional expertise. You can easily outsource the project to us, where you will just be required to present your idea and how you want the design and packaging to be from scratch till the end. It will save you a vast manufacturing cost and time.

1 Hand Wash
2 Shampoo (all type shampoo)
3 Onion Oil (Hair oil)
4 Onion Shampoo
5 Keratin Shampoo
6 Anti Dandruff Shampoo
7 Anti Hair Fall Shampoo
8 Fairness Cream
9 Shaving Cream
10 Fruit Cream
11 Petroleum Jelly
12 Talcum Powder (all types)
13 Face wash (all type face wash)
14 Charcoal Face mask
15 Body wash shower Gel
16 Day cream /Night cream
17 Hair Conditioner
18 Hair oil (All Types)
19 Face Pack (Haldi Chandan)
20 Vitamin C+ Facial Serum
21 Hair Repair Mask
22 Body Lotion
23 Hair Remover Cream
24 Alovera Gel
25 Face Mist
26 SPF-50 Cream
27 Toothpaste
28 Essential Oil -Argan oil
29 Essential Oil -Jojoba oil
30 Essential Oil -Seabuckthoran oil
31 Essential Oil -Watermelon Oil
32 Essential Oil -Tea Tree oil
33 Essential Oil -Rose Gold Oil
34 Lipstick
35 Eyeliner
36 Kajal
37 Mascara
38 Faundation



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